S t o r y


hettie brown was born from a life long passion for sewing and a desire for comfortable, beautiful, yet practical clothing. Becoming increasingly aware that we are living in a throw away consumer led world I began to take notice of where my clothes were coming from and at what cost, both to the workers and also for the effects on our environment. I began making my own clothes some years ago.

My Great Grandfarher was a master tailor and my Great Grandmother a tailoress they worked from home, making and supplying suits, overcoats, dresses and all manor of clothing, made to measure for shops in the Ealing area of London.

You could say I have sewing running through my veins.

I love the soft muted colours achieved from the natural dye process, some of which I use for my garments. As this is a mindful, slow, methodical process these garments are a one off.

Slow clothing designed to weather with you.