Decidedly Springy

Its been a lovely weekend weather wise, and yesterday Mr Brown and I started the long awaited overhaul of our small back garden. Its been terribly neglected, & we are going to completely change the layout and it will hopefully become a kitchen cottage garden. there was a massive tree root that needed to be […]

The Silver Well

Some places are really quite magical. And if  by chance you happen to put yourself in the right place at the right time it can be as if you have stepped straight into a fairytale. Of course there is magic everywhere, if we choose to see.  It is always just  a matter of choice. The […]

Spaces part 2 {full to bursting}

And then there’s the spaces that are full to bursting with the people, the good, the bad, the lonely, the happy, the in love, the love sick……the rich, the poor, the young, the old, the quiet, the noisy ……… the complicated people. I find people absolutely fascinating. Generally as a whole I’m not that great […]

Spaces part 1 {empty}

  We went to London and everyone’s a stranger, it’s so vast and so full of people.  I like that, I like to sit on trains and watch people or just wander the busy streets, so much to see, so much going on. I also quite like to find the empty bits, which is not […]


i am learning …. Patience they say is a virtue, but you see it is hurting my poor old noggin, all this new fandangled technology.  However I will not be beaten, oh no sireeeee, so my dear readers this is indeed my first blog post here, with a picture no less…. hettie brown