Hettie brown H Q ….a tale of

In 2014 work began in earnest on the top floor of our home.  Two little attic rooms set in the eaves, long neglected and in much need of care and renovation.


First was to remove the ply board partition wall that separated the two rooms and build a proper sturdier wall.

The blue room you can see, was then completed for my daughter… but alas all steam ran out and my work room was put on hold for another 3 years! Yep it looked like that for 3 whole years …


Partly the running out of steam was dread at the amount of work that needed to be done. And when your working and life is busy there never seems enough time. But eventually work began again in 2016.


My husband did all the work himself, with a little help from me.  His day job is a hairdresser so I’m pretty proud of him.


At times it was so all consuming, we were still visiting Gran every Sunday in the care home, jools was working full time and so life became a grind at times, where the end seemed so far from sight, I couldn’t even imagine it.

The wood panels came from a rec yard in Frome and were out of an old factory.  They were beautiful but so dirty and each plank had to be wire wooled and waxed.  It was a disgusting job, and the dirt got in your skin.  But I m so glad we persevered.


There is very little storage in this wonky old house, so we wanted a big walk in cupboard.  The room was such an odd shape it worked perfectly to build the cupboard along the far wall.

Wood panelling and cupboard  built, we uncovered the original ceiling that had been covered in ply sometime in the 1950’s.


It needed an awful lot of tlc, but again it was so worth it in the end.


Plastering began ….


And eventually some paint on the walls …..

To be continued …..

3 thoughts on “Hettie brown H Q ….a tale of

  1. Renovating/building are messy and exhausting projects–holding onto the idea of a finished space is vital–that and many breaks for tea!


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