Life the universe and …..light switches in dark places.

Gosh I’m not quite sure what I’m doing here or even where I’ve been, I do know I’ve been to  some dark corners in my brain, like entering a very dark room in a strange old house in the depth of the darkest part of night and knowing that somewhere there is a light switch, if only you could just find it…

I re instated this blog about a month a go, I’d had thoughts of coming back to the written word, and then had thoughts on the lines of how absurd what could you possibly have to say that would interest anyone when you mess up your life so very often.  But here’s the thing, maybe I’m not the only one! who blunders and bumps through life… is that not a life after-all?

So I have decided that, it is time to stop grovelling for the light switch, I decided to sit it out and wait til morning and see for myself where that darn light switch was, as no one not the dearest loveliest people or persons can help you if you do not help yourself.

So the purpose of this blog will be…. for me, so very selfish I know, you may read it, you may not that is entirely up to you…

Every new year I start with thoughts of this Year being a grand one, the best yet, so full of hope and possibilities, silly silly me, had it all wrong, how can a year be all perfect with no hiccups?  just getting through a day is good enough, just getting out of bed…. so this is my each day at a time, each minute at a time, record of fuck ups and hallelujahs ,  of threatening apocalypses, of crazy mind stuff.. maybe some sewing too, you just never know.

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13 thoughts on “Life the universe and …..light switches in dark places.

  1. I wondered where you had been! Life has many ups and downs–some of them we make for ourselves, some of them simply land on us. We do the best we can, looking for each beam of light. I’ve always found your posts to be interesting. Here’s hoping the light you’ve found ‘stays on!’

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  2. Your blog’s have always been interesting just come across as authentic. It is a mix of ups and downs, for me atm more downs than ups ! Best wishes to you

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  3. I care, very much, about what you have to say. Your fuck ups will not scare me away, quite the opposite, they endear you to me. When you are gone, and things look dark, even though you can’t see me, I’m sitting right next to you waiting for the sun or moon to rise again, as they always do. xxxxx

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  4. I’ve been trying to think of a couple of sayings…..

    “A negative mind will never give you a positive life”.

    “Happiness keeps you sweet, trials keep you strong,
    sorrows keep you human, failures keep you humble,
    success keeps you glowing, but, only friends, keep
    you going”.

    Or….Perhaps a trip back to Sicily, may be considered…! :).

    Always nice seeing/reading a post from you…especially
    when there’s a pussy~cat involved! Bless!x


  5. How funny, timely, I had fallen down the rabbit hole myself. And when I do, I want to throw everything out and shut everything down. And there you are, all real sitting in my inbox. How perfect.
    xo LA

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  6. Thank you for sharing your place with us, dark or light. I love following you IG account, but it’s really nice to read your more in depth sharings on your blog. It just goes to show, we don’t have to live next door to care what’s going on with one another

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